Shotgun Sydney is a treasure hunter, both for beauty and booty. Her feet never tire of wandering; her hands relish the tightness of hard work.  Her senses embrace all her home has to offer.  With an observant and present mind, she cherishes the moment, taking in the warmth of the sun, the smell of moss, the taste of freshly boiled crawfish washed down with a cold six-pack of Dixie.  Anxiety and insecurity play no role in her world.

Shotgun Sydney is an alligator wrestler unencumbered by fear.  Tall marsh grass is merely a stepping stone as she is the predator, never the prey.  She is harsh and logical, strong and graceful.  She is not to be quarreled with. She fights for the people she loves and things she believes in, just like her mama taught her.  Uncertainty has not met her and is not welcome.

Shotgun Sydney is unapologetically herself.  An ability, in my experience, only afforded in one’s imagination. She is a manifestation of my most confident self. She is the owner and creator of my big girl panties.  I am her landlady and her rent is paid in the occasional burst of guts, nerve, and big brass balls.

Being a landlady to someone so potent isn’t such a bad gig.  In my free time, I’m a happy newlywed, dog owner, writer and obsessive reader living in double shotgun house in the heart of Louisiana. On any given day, while Shotgun Sydney is off fighting for world domination, the things that plague me are a little more down to earth:  How can I live on a diet of fried seafood and also fit my ass into these jeans? What is the most effective brand of doggy breath mints? What is our plan in the event of an apocalypse? How do I get my parents to call me less than 15 times a day?  Is it too early for a daiquiri?

The last one is easy, the answer is always no.  It is never too early for a daiquiri, especially in this great state where you can get them at the drive-thru.

There is so much love and so much to love this far south.  New Orleans is my home, Cajun is my heritage, and I take every available second to enjoy it (Shotgun Sydney in tow for emergencies).

So stay awhile, see if you like it here.  We sure do.

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